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gem studio workshop information

oahu location

pricing + how it works

Part One- Book a Workshop

Workshop base cost for each item being made is $95 (this includes the highest quality .925 sterling silver and the workshop instruction) 

Part Two- choose a stone and design

The cost of your stone (these range $15-100) + optional design features

The average total cost ranges from approximately $110-$140 per person depending on design choices

What can I make?

Rings, Bolo ties, Pendants, Earrings, and Bracelets!

Take a look at our presentation to get a better idea of what options you'll have in your workshop: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1fnPqC0v5IKQrZ7QOKxMRCJK7hXJA5BQG0T3p0G1eMZQ/edit

workshops last approximately 3 hours

Length of workshops vary depending on design choices + amount of people in a given workshop.

You will be asked to pay a nonrefundable $5 reservation fee per person to reserve your party’s spots. This fee DOES NOT go towards what you make in a workshop.

***A reservation needs to be made per person making something. We cannot allow extra people into workshops who don't have a spot booked due to staff restrictions***


Attend a workshop on your birthday and receive 25% OFF of your experience!

*Workshop must be attended on you actual birth day! ID proof will be asked for & discount only applies to the birthday person, not the whole group*

If birthday is on a Sunday, you can attend the Saturday before or Monday after.

*promos cannot be combined*

have questions? check out or FAQs page!