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A unique experiential offering where groups will sit alongside a silversmith to create custom jewelry with the same materials you'd find at your local jeweler.


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Our silversmiths will lead your group to create custom sterling silver jewelry with or without semi-precious gem stones.


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Your group will dig through hundreds of charms and a variety of chains to personalize a bracelet or necklace.


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Your group will choose from a variety of premium permanent jewelry bracelet chains.


Enjoy a private hosted experience in our boutique studios.  Led by our silversmith team, your group will have the opportunity to experience one of our custom jewelry workshops and leave with a wearable memory.

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Our silversmiths come to you with everything you need to memorialize your event.  Within your venue we can lead any of our workshop offerings for your group.  Spend an afternoon creating a piece of art to remember your gathering or an evening shaping a new ring to show off at dinner.  Our team can customize an experience to your timeline, venue, and group.


Make your welcome, farewell, or in-room gifting as unique as each attendee.  Whether your guests select the components for a unique piece that our silversmiths shape, or if you customize an in room delivery to recognize your attendees.  Our team can provide a fully bespoke gifting offering that will reflect your event.

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