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gem studio workshop information

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pricing + how it works

Workshop base cost for each item being made is $95 (this includes the highest quality .925 sterling silver and the workshop instruction).


The cost of your stone (these range $15-100) + optional extra design features.

The average total cost per piece is usually between $120-$140.

What can I make?

Rings, Bolo ties, Pendants, Earrings, and Bracelets!

Take a look at our presentation to get a better idea of what options you'll have in your workshop CLICK HERE.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes definitely! There may be times when instructors are extra busy and can’t begin right away, but will be able to shortly after!

workshops last approximately 1.5 hours

Length of workshops vary depending on design choices + amount of people in a given workshop.

You will be asked to pay a nonrefundable $5 reservation fee per person to reserve your party’s spots. This fee DOES NOT go towards what you make in a workshop.

***A reservation needs to be made per person making something. We cannot allow extra people into workshops who don't have a spot booked due to staff restrictions***


College students receive 10% OFF of your workshop when showing a current student ID!

Attend a workshop on your birthday and receive 20% OFF of your experience!

*Workshop must be attended on you actual birth day! ID proof will be asked for & discount only applies to the birthday person, not the whole group*

If birthday is on a Sunday, you can attend the Saturday before or Monday after.

Workshop promotions - If you have a workshop promo code, you insert the promo code when booking your workshop. Your promotion will show up on your reservation booking for your silversmith instructor to see. Your discount will be applied when checking out at your workshop! The discount will not show up in your conformation email, so don't worry! It will show up in our reservation system.

*promos cannot be combined*

have questions? check out or FAQs page!

ready to book your workshop? book here!

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