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gem studio x tristen ikaika

Thank you so much for your support! It not only means the world to Tristen and Gem Studio, but to many others. When Matt and Tristen first met up to plan this collab we wanted it to remind others to be authentic, and that success will always be found when you put other’s needs above your own. 10% of the profits made from the Compassion Collection will be directly donated to support our school and orphanage in Uganda.


In 2015 Gem Studio founder, Matt James, partnered with a local Ugandan woman named Carolyn Bisikwa to provide a home and education for orphaned and at-risk children in the local Ugandan community. Upon returning home, Matt needed a sustainable way to support the orphanage, which led to the creation of Gem Studio.


Matt began teaching silver- smithing workshops to his friends in a shed in the backgard of his college apartment and thanks to the continued support from our Gemfam we have been able to grow our community and in turn do a lot of good in the world!


Gem Studio has stayed true to our philanthropic roots and continues to donate 10% of all profits to support and improve the 1 Heart 1 Mind Primary

School in Mbale, Uganda where we provide education for hundreds of children.


Tristen Ikaika all started in 2017 when he dropped his first collection, full of rings that he'd been making and designing for years. The collection immediately sold out and it quickly turned from a "I’ll sell these once for the people who want them" to a thriving lifestyle ring business. Each collection is full of rings designed with a thoughtful deeper meaning, giving people something to connect with. The goal with these rings was never just money, it was about sharing an authentic part of yourself to create a fulfilling life and inspire others to do the same.


Thank you so much for supporting us and our mission to create compassion and leave the world and everyone we met better than we found them.

We hope to see you in a workshop soon!

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