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An Interview with Lydia Evans

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Lydia Evans - A woman of many artistic talents!

Instagram - @earth.formations

How did you discover your love for jewelry making and creating?

I think my whole life I have always loved creating things. Instead of recess and sports i would be inside working on crafts.  I took after school art classes at a very young age and never stopped. Oil paintings were my step into the creative world. 

I really got into creating jewelry specifically when i lived in the virgin islands and started collecting sea glass, wire wrapping and selling them to locals. I brought it back to Utah and grew from there. 

How long did it take you to feel confident in your skills?

I’d say about a year. After a year I finally felt like I had my style and brand. 

Describe the process of creating a piece. Do you sketch out and plan designs or let them develop as you go?

I definitely do not plan my pieces, they come as I go. Whatever mood I am in that's what I make. Whether it's sewing, metal work, drawing, or wood work. 

Do you ever have creative blocks? What do you do to work through them?

Yes! All the time. I go out into nature and get inspiration there. 

What is the biggest inspiration behind your artwork?

MAMA EARTH. I revolve all my pieces around her and spread the word on what we can do to protect her. 

What is your favorite/most prized piece?

Hmm, that's a really tough question. I think it would have to be an oil painting I did of a little boy that changed my life in Ghana Africa. Its been hung up in every house ive lived in. 

What is the most important piece of advice you have for creatives trying to build their brand?

BE YOU, BE YOU, BE YOU! People love real people. Don't try to be anyone else but yourself,be kind and be weird along the way.

What goal would you like your business to achieve this year?

I would love to create something for an organization that works to protect the earth, animals, or even people. Whether its t-shirts, art work, or stickers. 

For more of Lydia's work

Instagram - @earth.formations

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