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Best Friends Collection

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Location - Millcreek Canyon

We all have those days where hanging out with your besties and watching tiktoks gets a little boring. To go along with our best friends collection, we have made a list of the most fun things to do in Utah with your besties. We hope you and your squad can use this activties to get out of the house and have some fun.

#1: Come make some jewelry at The Gem Studio.... obviously

#2: Snowshoe or hike Millcreek Canyon, or one of the many hiking spots in Utah!

#3: Grab your friends and go thrifting

#4: Make a Charcuterie Board and picnic at the capitol building

#5: Go ice skating in Provo at Peaks Ice Arena

#6: Buy some cookies from Chip and Crumbl and deliver them to your friends

#7: Bob Ross painting night

#8: Get your hands dirty making pottery at The Kreative Kiln

#9: Go sledding at Rock Canyon Park

#10: Walk around downtown Salt Lake

#11: Go skiing or snowboarding at one of the many Utah resorts

#12: Go skating at The Classic Fun Center

#13: Take a tour of the Midway Ice Castles

#14: Go on a canyon drive and play nostalgic music

#15: Take a roadie to Bear Lake

#16: Have a spa day the Geothermal Hot Springs

#17: Go to your favorite coffee shop and catch up with your friends

#18: Visit a new local shop and support small businesses

#19: Cookie decorating competition

#20: Have a fun outdoor photoshoot

#21: Get some pizza and have a movie night

#22: Bake cookies and have a decorating competition

#23: Buy disposable cameras and document your night

#24: Head over to Fat Cats for bowling and games


We hope this list gave you and your best friends some fun ideas for your next hangout. Have fun, get outside, and most importantly be safe!

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