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Blayke's Desert Collection

Photographer -

Silversmith - @blaykedow

What inspired this collection?

This collection actually started with my love for plants!! I love growing my little succulents and cactus, and then the idea of doing a desert inspired collection hit me! I was able to combine two things I love, the pretty greens in desert plants, and the gorgeous red rock/sand that st george has so much of!

Tell us about yourself! What do you do outside of Gem Studio?

I am currently a full time student at Southern Utah University, majoring in aviation! I am also working on getting my private pilot's license and I absolutely love being in the air!! I love hanging out with my puppies and spending time with my friends.

What are you most passionate about?

I would have to say that flying is my number one passion!! I love everything about it, traveling to new places, the adrenaline rush, and just being able to do something I honestly never thought I could actually accomplish!

What is currently playing on your Spotify?

Recently I have been listening to a tonnn of Tyler, the creator, LANY (of course), and Rex Orange County. Those are all my favs rn!!

What is your favorite thing about Southern Utah?

There are a few things I LOVE about southern utah, the heat (!!!), how beautiful it is here, and being able to meet some of my BEST friends here through gem

Have you been to any National Parks in Utah? If so, what's your favorite and why?

If not, which one do you want to visit most and why?

I have been to a few national parks in utah, but not nearly as many as I want to see!! I think my favorite so far is Zion, but I am dying to see Arches and Bryce canyon!!

What do you want to manifest in your life over the next year?

Honestly, something that I am wanting to manifest is having the confidence to stand up for myself, even in confrontational situations. I also want to manifest a positive self image and developing habits that my body will thank me for!!

What is your favorite gem, and why?

Green is my favorite color, so I would have to choose malachite as my favorite gem! I absolutely love all the different shades of green inside the gem and how much it stands out against your skin.

What is your favorite part of the silversmithing process?

My favorite part of the silversmithing process is honestly just all the soldering!! I love watching them all melt and being able to create amazing things with just these little tiny pieces of solder!!

What's your favorite gem studio memory?

My favorite gem studio memory by far was the christmas party!! I can honestly say that was the most fun I have ever had at a christmas party, and it helped me bond so much with all the amazing people I work with!

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