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Zodiac : Cancer

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Model - @adalinehope

Photographer -

Writer & Creative Assistant - @mahlee_sem23

Cancers! Welcome to your season, we are so excited to have you. With June coming to a close and July welcoming us with warm weather and open arms, we are so excited to release our Cancer Collection. We have picked out the most beautiful Chrysoprase gems for all our Cancers this season.

Chrysoprase is a beautiful light green gem that has been used in jewelry since ancient times. It actually used to be mistaken for emeralds by ancient jewelry. Unlike Emeralds which get their color from chromium, Chrysoprase gets its light green color from traces of nickel in its make up. This gem is also known for its properties of happiness and its ability to bring good fortune and prosperity. What better gem for our dear cancers this season.

Cancers, where do we start? Holding your loved ones close and being empathic with those you care about are just a couple of our favorite traits you have. Here at Gem Studio, we look up to you in your abilities to care so deeply about people you hold close to your heart. Although it can be difficult to break through your shell and get to know a cancer, once you do, you will not regret it.

Chrysoprase and its power of emotional healing from mood swings, anxiety, and depression can come in handy for all our cancers out there.Chrysoprase will fill you with an inner sense of security, and make you more compassionate towards others.

We know all our cancers will thrive this season in all they do. But if you do find yourself struggling a little, you can always pick one of these beautiful Chrysoprase rings to give you a helping hand though the rest of your season and the rest of the year.

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