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Caroline's Under the Sea Collection

Photographer- @kevinophoto

Model and Silversmith- @carolineroser

What inspired this collection?

My Under the Sea Collection was inspired ultimately by my love for the ocean and passion for ocean conservation! I wanted it to give off fun mermaid vibes, encapsulating the beauty and diversity of life beneath our waters’ surface that has captivated me since I was a little girl. These pieces include some of my favorite O’ahu cowrie shell finds, a few fun pieces of sea glass from the North Shore, and even a shark tooth found all the way back in Maryland, my home state! I also loved using ocean jasper, fossilized coral, aquamarine, and even some red coral that were found all across the globe. I’m really excited to share all of these with you, and hope that as you wear them, you’re reminded of the power of the ocean and of the great role it plays in our daily lives!

Tell us about yourself! What do you do outside of Gem Studio?

Here’s a little bit about me! I’m from the East Coast and grew up along the Eastern Shore of Maryland! I spent a lot of time on the water, rowing on my high school’s crew team and even working on a parasail boat the past few summers. After I graduated high school, I took a gap year and did the World Race, where I lived overseas for 9 months in South Africa, Ecuador and Cambodia. After that, I moved to Hawai’i to begin studying Environmental Science at UH here on O’ahu! Outside of Gem Studio, I love anything and everything outdoors, so Hawai’i is a perfect home for me right now. You can usually find me hiking, surfing, adventuring, or just laying on the beach with a good book in hand. My roommate and I also just got an almond cow, so over the past few weeks we’ve gotten super into creating all different types of nut milk for our friends! Hahahaha. I also love sunrise yoga and camping under the stars at night, cooking and crafting with friends, and am always up for a new adventure or endeavor!

What are you most passionate about?

I’d say one of the things in my life that I’m most passionate about is bringing people together. One of my favorite things to do is sit and listen to others’ stories, whether it be a funny one from the night before, or a life-lesson type of story someone learned decades prior. I think there’s something so powerful in the gift of storytelling and something even more special in bringing together people from different walks of life. Whether that be people of different generations, different cultures, or different belief systems, I’m passionate about cultivating a space around my life that is welcoming to everyone and constantly pursuing inclusivity in an effort to spark creativity.

Who is currently playing on your Spotify?

Gonna put in a shameless plug for my current favorite band, Twin Fin, a group of some of my favorite guys who have recently released some really fun surf rock songs on Spotify! Go check em out :)

One thing everyone must do when visiting Hawaii?

So many things come to mind that it’s hard to pick just one! One of my favorite spots on the island are the Makapu’u tide pools, a short little hike up and then a steeper one down to reach the pools where you can spend the day swimming around or relaxing on the rocks. My number one recommendation for any visitor is to take time to educate yourself about the culture and history of Hawai’i, and be sure to respect the aina (land) while you’re here! Feel free to message me on Insta if you want the full O’ahu bucket list run-down!

What is your favorite Hawaii pastime?

One of my favorite Hawai’i pastimes is shell hunting! I love scanning the shorelines for all different types of shells, sea glass, shark teeth, and coral pieces! It’s fun to take them home and make things with them, giving life back to things that have lost it :)

What do you want to manifest in your life over the next year?

Hmmm, there are a tonnn of personal projects I’m manifesting over the next year, but one of them is something I’ve thought about starting for awhile and just recently have become super excited to dive into — the beginning of writing what will hopefully become my first published novel! Living in Hawai’i this past year has given me a lot of inspiration for it, and over the next year I want to really set aside time dedicated to the start of it!

What is your favorite gem, and why?

Ooo! So many favorites, but I think my top gem pick would be Larimar! This was the first stone I ever made a ring with at Gem, and I haven’t taken it off since! I love learning about the properties of healing and communication that this stone holds, and find it crazy that it’s only found in one place in the world, an off the grid mountain area in the Dominican Republic! It’s such a unique stone that holds an incredible amount of beauty.

What is your favorite part of the silversmithing process?

I’d have to say my favorite part of the silversmithing process is definitely setting the stone! It’s such a satisfying feeling to work for so long on a piece, carefully cutting, hammering, and soldering different pieces of silver together, and then finally getting to pop the stone in — the one thing that you shaped the bezel, detail, and band around! It really makes the piece come to life and it’s so exciting to watch other people get to experience this moment with their own creative designs!

What's your favorite gem studio memory?

One of my favorite memories of working at the Gem Studio thus far was in one of my workshops, when I was able to teach a woman who only spoke Spanish. I became fluent in the language a few years ago, and since then appreciate any chance I get to communicate with a native speaker! It was a unique experience because she’d come in nervous about how the workshop would go with a language barrier, and it was so exciting to get to break down that wall and teach her for a few hours, all the while getting to listen to her life story and learn more about who she was! I think this experience encapsulates what Gem Studio itself is – a place that brings people together and allows room for friendship and community to thrive!

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