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An Interview with Silversmith Morann Crowther

Silversmith // @mermanchowder

Photographer //

Location // @studionoirenoir

What's the meaning behind your collection?

I made this collection in honor of the new year! 2020 has so much in store! For all of us! I wanted to do something that was a lil' ~different~ for this collection. I felt like I was in a creative rut for all of 2019. This was the first thing in a VERY long time that I was completely amped about. So I guess this collection is symbolic of a new creative era! Kinda fun! (Also who doesn't like sparkly things?)

What's your favorite part of the silversmithing process?

I absolutely love messing around with new ideas. It is such an exhilarating (and sometimes very humbling) process. I am always teaching myself new things through trial and error which makes the outcome THAT MUCH MORE REWARDING. I guess in short, it's a wonderful creative outlet!

What's your favorite stone and why?

My favorite stone will always be Mossy Agate. A) It's green duh + B) It looks like moss. Hence the name. Basically it is always repping home girl Mother Earth. It's a nice reminder that you are wearing a part of Earth/history which I think is COOL (?!)

Tell us about yourself!

I grew up in the VERY exotic city of ~Draper, Utah~. I have been a creator since I was just a small bean. When I found silversmithing, fireworks went off! Silversmithing and I have so much chemistry. I just can't seem to get enough of it.

What are your passions?

I love too many things. Cooking, just food in general, skiing, flora + fauna, music (even though I'm not musically inclined in any way), and the people in my life. Love em all!

What are you studying in school? What do you want to be when you grow up?

I go to UVU! I will be studying Culinary Arts! School is hard hahaaaa But I really want to be a farmer (?) Hard to explain but I promise I have a plan. Kind of!

What is currently playing on your Spotify?

ON MY APPLE MUSIC*** Spotify is FOR ANDROIDS (k the rest of Gem Fam doesn't agree with this FYI)

So much Trash Panda + Lord Huron. But what's new? Miniature Tigers, Tom Misch, Julia Jacklin, all of the genres. All of the music. Always.

What do you want to manifest in your life come 2020?

In 2020 I really want to focus on myself in the least narcissistic way possible! I want to make it evident that I am a confident and kind human being. I want to read more books. Paint more pears. Eat more pears. Etc. This year I want to push myself to the absolute limit without letting it tear my life apart (?) 2020 is a big year! And I'm no coward! I just really want to become a better version of myself!

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