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DIY Beaded Necklaces


Blog by// @mahlee_sem23

We have all seen the beaded, pearl necklaces all over TikTok lately. We decided to give them a try ourselves. These necklaces are super easy to make and would be an awesome activity for a girls night. Weather you are experienced with jewelry making or have never made a piece of jewelry in your life, these necklaces are a great activity for anyone and everyone.

We started by heading to Micheals to get all the necassary suppies and the beads of our choice. The great thing about these necklaces is that you can completely customize them to your personal style. We choose to make ours with silver chains, but you can use any metal of your choosing. We also picked out tons of beads that we thought went together well. Below is a list of the supplies we used.

Here is a supply list of things you NEED:


Wire Cutter

Kitchen Scissors


Chain and Wire

Here are some OPTIONAL supplies:


Pearl Beads

Any fun beads of your choosing; Small and Large

Bead Planner

Making the Necklace

Video of Process

Step by Step Process

Step 1: cut wire strip around 12in long and add tape to one end to keep beads on

Step 2: start adding pearl beads until at desired length

Step 3: plan out what colored/fun beads you want to add to the middle of your necklace

Step 4: add dangle chain randomly between beads

Step 5: section off length of silver chain

Step 6: take crimping bead and add next to your last bead

Step 7: string wire through your silver chain and then back though your crimping bead

Step 8: crimp crimping bead and cut excess wire

Step 9: open jump hoop

Step 10: add extension chain for length

Step 11: close jump hoop

Step 12: remove tape from other end and add crimping bead to wire

Step 13: string lobster claw through wire

Step 14: string wire back though crimping bead

Step 15: crimp crimping bead and cut off excess wire


Our finished product with a Gem Studio pendant added:)

We hope you enjoy your cute and trendy new necklaces! You can also use these supplies to make bracelets, phone charms, anklets, and even earrings. Have fun crafting!

Want to add some unique pieces to your DIY necklace? Create a custom designed pendant from hundreds of gem options in our online shop to add to your necklace! Or come into one of workshops and make your own pendant :)

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