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Gem Studio X Milkstain


Clothing and Collab// @milkstainapparel

Creative assitant// @mahlee_sem23

Tell us about Milk Stain, what you are, what you sell.

Milkstain is a loungewear company at its core. We believe that you can feel like your most confident self, while in the comfort of sweatpants. We sell rad sweat sets to rad people.

How was Milk Stain started? What was the hardest part of opening the business?

Milkstain was started during quarantine, just as a ‘thing to do’ when everything was locked down and tie dye was a huge trend. Our owner posted on her Instagram the tie dye hoodie she made, and it popped off from there. The hardest part of opening the business was having to figure out how to do little things like ship out an order or getting a tax ID number lol. We went into this so blind so figuring out the little things was difficult.

How much have you grown since you opened?

It started in the owner’s garage, and now has grown to a warehouse with employees. Wild! We are continuously growing on our social platforms and growing our community.

Is there anything exciting in the works for Milk Stain this year?

A whole new rebrand is on the horizon. We are personally designing our sweat sets to be completely size inclusive and bring a whole new vibe to our brand! Stay tuned this fall.

Where do you see Milk Stain being in 5 years?

We would love to be an ecommerce powerhouse that thrives in community and follower events. We want to be something to be apart of in our local community by hosting events + workshops.

What is your dream collaboration?

This one is a personal one, but queen Kylie Jenner is a dream collab. I think it would be so fun to do something with Set Active as well!

What is your favorite item you have ever dyed?

My favorite item is my sheets! It brought a fun vibe to my bedroom.

What is your favorite memory from Milk Stain so far?

I think my favorite memory is being in Holiday Season last year. We needed so much help so I enlisted my whole family and friend group. We were all there one night until 2 am dyeing orders. It was so hard but so fun, and a night we will all never forget.

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