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Indy Brand Collaboration

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Brand Collab : @indybrandclothing

Photographer + Videographer :

Film Photographer : @__king.dom

With the change of seasons, we couldn't think of a better local brand than Indy Brand Clothing to partner with for a Fall giveaway! Their carefree aesthetic inspired us to design a collection inspired by their clothes. We grabbed some pals, blasted some music, and cruised Provo Canyon to shoot this collection and we're sharing with you how it turned out.

What was the inspiration behind the brand?

We love the outdoors, wildlife, wild flowers, hiking, anything to do with mother nature.  We love nothing more than being out in the wild & seeing all this world has to offer. The quietness, the fresh air, the colors & the grounding we feel being outside it what makes our soul happy. With being 50% women owned (girl power) we searched forever for nature inspired items that were still trendy and we could never find anything. SO we decided to make our own!

How did you come up with the name?

Oh man, that was a tough one! It took us a couple weeks to finally decide but It came down to our love for all the indie feels and being an independent soul! 

What brands are your biggest inspiration/ who you look up too in the industry?

Urban and Free People will always be a big inspiration to us! 

What direction do you want Indy Brand to go in the future?

We hope to keep helping people find their own love for going outside & seeing everything through their eyes. To  keep donating portions of our sales to places like our National Parks & to help everyone feel good in their own skin (& obviously feel comfy in our clothes). 

What has been your greatest accomplishment though your journey?

Being able to encourage people to explore this world. Since starting Indy, we have seen such a huge increase in people wanting to go to national parks, to go on hikes, to go camping, etc. Honestly it even happened to myself, I was very much a home body that never camped or hiked or went into nature. My husband (the creator & CCO) encouraged me to & it lit a fire in me and helped me find myself. So to know we have done that for others makes me so happy.

Film by photographer @__king.dom

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