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Jade's City Cowgirl Collection

Silversmith and Model- @jademonty11


Creative Assistant- @mahlee_sem23

What inspired this collection?

After I bought Kacey Musgraves concert tickets, I had to show up with a cute ring, duh! So then the cowboy hat ring was born😎

Tell us about yourself! What do you do outside of Gem Studio?

A few are: Spending time with family and friends, sleeping in on Sundays, eating sour candy, going to Pie Hole with the homies, skiing, shopping and styling clothing.

What are you most passionate about?

Building connections with people I deeply care about. Having strong and healthy relationships is something that has always been important to me.

What is currently playing on your Spotify?

Some current favs are anything from The Neighbourhood, Rex Orange County’s new album, COIN, Tame Impala, The Weekend, Kacey Musgraves, and ofc my girl… Clairo.

What is your favorite thing about Utah?

The sunsets! Cliche, I know. But there is nothing comparable to the pretty summer sunsets.

What do you want to manifest in your life over the next year?

Success! Success in big and small achievements. Finding my passion in my surroundings.

What is your favorite gem, and why?

Turquoise. I love how every piece of Turquoise is different and how there are so many variations.

What is your favorite part of the silversmithing process?

Teaching! Hands down my favorite part is the people I meet. It’s so exciting to build friendships with random people I've met through teaching. Plus, so many hilarious stories.

What's your favorite gem studio memory?

I helped a Dad make a U of U ring made from a coin. It was a struggle to figure out how everything was going to work. However, it was extremely rewarding to see the finished product and how proud he was of it.

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