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Jayde's Vintage Collection

Silversmith // @shadyjayde

Photographer //

What inspired this collection?

The release date is my birthday hehe :)

Also New Mexico! Definitely my favorite place I've ever traveled! Have you ever seen 500+ hot air balloons in the sky all at once? Its better than any fairy tail I’ve ever heard! (I’m in love with hot air balloons) a lot of the pieces I made were inspire by the beautiful jewelry I’d seen in Santa Fe! Every corner you turn in New Mexico there are more art and colors!

What else are you passionate about outside of the gem studio?  Rock climbing & crafts! Sport climbing is my favorite! My style is definitely Crimpd and balancing slab climbs although I am better at bouldering haha I love to create!! Other than silversmithing I also create stained glass windows, ceramics, resin paintings, film photography, sew clothing & bake! My sisters and I have a clothing line & are always working on something new!  I also love slack lining & backpacking & roller skating (haha) & anything to get out:)

Where is your favorite camping spot?

The Uintas feel like home but I love the desert! Southern Utah is my first love<3

Fav place to rock climb?

Hardest question ever! Some or my favorites are AF Canyon (my backyard), LCC, and Joe's Valley. There is this one area up Little Cottonwood where you're climbing up next to a waterfall and your belay gets to stand barefoot in a little stream of water! The climbing g is pretty soft slav but the area feels like magic! Thinking about it makes me excited!

How old are you turning today? What do you want to manifest before your next birthday?  Aah 20 today! I was born April 11th at 11:11 (WHAT?!)  Before my next birthday it is my goal to share more of my art (happiness is only real when shared) even if it’s just with my mom and in a few small art shows :)  Also to travel!!! I had big plans for my 20th (I’ve never been outside of the state) but plans changed because of wild times. It only make me more excited for next year - New Zealand waits for me. How will you be celebrating your birthday during quarantine? I’ll be celebrating with my family and close friend! (Trying to stay safe) I wrote a list of 20 of my favorite things lol (so cheese) my favorite food - curry and hummus, will be along for the ride. Also climbing on the home wall and a roof top roller skate date with my sister!! 

Do you think you personality Alina with Aries? No I actually don’t! I’ve heard Aries are those who love the attention.. I don’t! I’m shy so shy haha But I do love to have fun What are your roles at the Gem Studio? I am pretty much quality control for custom orders! Newley making sure everything looks as beautiful as possible. I’m a professional perfectionist. What is you favorite band?   I grew up on classic rock. Moody blues, The Zombies & Fleet wood Mac, Joni Mitchell, Mazzy Star, Brian Adams, Neil young, Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, John Denver, The Mommas and Papas, Johnny Cash, ELC, Grateful Dead, The Growlers, Babe Rainbow, Carpenters, Bill Withers, The Velvet Underground, Beach Boys. Wow I could never choose just one & I’m forgetting so many...  They don’t make music like they used 2 

What is you favorite stone? why?  Turquoise! Cripple creek is my favorite turquoise to find! 90% of all my jewelry is with turquoise! The other 10 is a mix of opal and jade! My most valued jewelry is all hand made. I have a cripple creek necklace! I found it in New Mexico, it was made by the sweetest lady! You could see the love she had for her work! That trip is the biggest reason I fell in love with silversmithing<3

Happiest of birthdays Jayde!

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