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Mojave Turquoise

It's gem feature time baby. This time we are feeling inspired to create some new pieces with Mojave Turquoise, which is one of the stones that arrived in our huge restock! We couldn’t be more stoked about this stone, so let's get right into it. 

This stone is unique in the sense that it comes in many vibrant colors! The options range from purple to blue, and even orange. The most popular hues are Mojave Purple Turquoise and Mojave Green Turquoise, but it’s hard to pick favorites, especially when all of the options are stunning. It has a similar patterning to traditional turquoise, which takes us back to our roots.. This pattern also portrays traces of the combination process that this stone goes through to become the beauty that it is- which we will talk more about later, don't worry. 

Mojave Turquoise is primarily found in the Kingman mine located in the heart of Kingman Arizona. This mine is famous for its stabilized Turquoise, which is Turquoise that has been enhanced with epoxy that deepens the natural color of the stone. This process also involves a hydraulic press, which assembles Turquoise nuggets by introducing a bronze metal matrix. Mojave Turquoise is among these stabilized Turquoise stones, and is said to be the only stone available that features a real metal matrix and real Arizona Turquoise. And even better- you could be rocking this rare stone embezzled in your own uniquely designed ring. We can’t think of anything cooler than that. 

Mojave Turquoise features very similar healing powers to that of traditional

Turquoise. This stone focuses on self love, it is said to focus its energy on self forgiveness & self acceptance. We are in love with this stone because it reminds us that loving ourselves and forgiving our own mistakes can be one of the simple steps to a happier lifestyle. One thing is for sure, we are always down for stones that will make us happier beings. 

With a stone as rare and as unique as this one- we couldn’t help but stock our site FULL of Mojave Turquoise custom ring listings! One thing is for sure- we will be treating ourselves to some new Mojave Turquoise additions to our jewelry collection during quarantine!

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