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More than Just Silver

Here at Gem Studio, we are so lucky to have such talented coworkers! In this blog post we want to share with you what some of our silversmith’s other creative outlets/businesses are. From resin art to health coaching, we’ve got it all and we are so excited for you to get to know them better through personal interviews! If you like what you see (we have a feeling you will) then please feel free to check out some of their pieces we’ve listed on our site. During times like this, we find it so important to support local businesses and artisans and we love nothing more than supporting our silversmith’s side hustles!

Mckenna / Health Coach

Silversmith Mckenna is a health coach with a passion for helping others- and she is so good at it! Click here for her full interview about her work and her biggest motivators! We hope you enjoy reading about her work as much as we loved interviewing her.

Shelby / Fiber Artist

Silversmith and Marketing Wizard Shelby is a big part of the Gem Studio and we love her just as much as we love her fiber art! Her shop, on Instagram is full of inspirational stories and beautiful fiber art hangings that will add life to any space. Click here to read about Shelby’s art and her favorite pieces!

Emily / Painting and Drawing Artist

Silversmith Emily has some beautiful art that we couldn’t help but share. The majority of her art stems from her love for nature and the beauty within it and we are in LOVE. If you are interested to hear more about Emily’s art, click here for her full interview!

Lydia / Wire Wrap Artist

Silversmith Lydia is the perfect fit for our studio, because she also makes some gorgeous jewellery that is inspired by the earth itself on her own! Her shop, @earth.formations on instagram is full of beautiful pieces and nature shots that have inspired us to get outside. Click here to learn more about Lydia and her business- you won't regret it.   

Breezi / Embroidery & Screen Painting Artist

Silversmith Breezi is a talented silversmith here at the studio, and she also makes some awesome embroidery pieces and screen painting art! We love her art so much that we were dying to know more- so we interviewed her too, which you can find here!

To shop some of our silversmith's artwork we have listed to our site, click here!

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