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Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz is perhaps one of the most underrated gems that we have in the studio and that is why we are teaching you more about it today! The way each gem is filled with gold inclusions gives us all of the classy vintage vibes.

While other gems are looked down on for inclusions, this is what gives rutilated quartz more value. The patterning of the inclusions vary from sparse to dense, skinny to thick, longer to shorter, or even may be the coloring of copper, black, silver, or black. The fine gold shimmer in these gems drew the ancients to use them in jewelry making.The variety of these gems causes each gem to be uniquely beautiful. 

Rutilated Quartz is mined mainly in Brazil and India. It can be found elsewhere, but is rare.

Feeling sad Summer is coming to an end? Great news, this gem is an antidepressant and provides the wearer with a light heart, yet fills you with power and authority. Because of the non- magnetic property of titanium in rutilated quartz, this gem combats electromagnetic stress. Making this the perfect gem for those prone to feeling sad/stressed/and especially perfect for our overly critical Virgo babes.

Custom design your own rutilated quartz ring from one of these gems or schedule a workshop to make your very own!

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