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Self Care: How to Polish Life's Rocky Moments

2020 so far has been a wild ride, and between politics and pandemics, things can begin to feel overwhelming. This has been an unprecedented time that has touched our lives in a way that the world has never seen before. In all the chaos it’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves.  

Our lives, like gemstones, sometimes need some attention. Gemstones need to be worked, shaped, and polished before they can be put in a ring. Not only would they not fit, but they are stones that come out of mountains and mines and look more like dirty rocks before they are shaped. Once they have been worked on, bright details are uncovered like small galaxies in the night sky and the gem’s unique pattern of vibrant colors becomes clear. 

As life becomes busy again as we slowly come out of quarantine, schedules can quickly become overwhelming and craziness from every direction pushes us even further from balance and sanity. But if we take the time to maintain self care during crazy times, life’s rocky moments can truly become life’s gems. Self care can bring to light the colors and unique patterns in our life and help us find some bright in all the crazy. 

Self Care: What You Can Do

Find a moment of focus in the morning

Whether you are up early or have a schedule that allows for some rolling out of bed and straight into the morning, there is value in finding a moment of focus before the day really starts. Enjoy your coffee, listen to the birds, or just breathe for a moment. Slowing down your mornings will help you gain some clarity that will reduce the stress of the busy hours of the day. 

Do something good for yourself 

Downtime after work doesn't have to be boring and shouldn’t be wasted. Instead of getting sucked into TikTok or Netflix, make a plan to use extra time. What can you learn? What can you practice? You know that book you always said you would read? Jump in! Start doing what you have always said you would do more of but never had time for. Keep things non-work related and enjoyable. You may find that hard work can bring joy and fulfillment to a day otherwise wasted. 

Keep Your Headspace Healthy 

Make sure you don’t beat yourself up for feeling stressed or unproductive. Maintaining positive self talk can help you navigate your day using channels of positivity. Take it easy on yourself and only focus on what you can control. 

We recommend listening to the podcast Awesome with Alison! Alison is a ray of sunshine who teaches a lot about positivity and productivity!

Self Care Baths

Honestly, we all have that bath bomb that has been under the sink for months. Finally throw it in a bath and relax.

Develop a personal routine

Stressful times can cause some overwhelming feelings. Adding some organization to what you do can help you avoid those feelings and boost your self confidence. Try exercising during the day or plan time to decompress and wind things down. Committing to 30 minutes of some sort of exercise each day can make the biggest difference! Whether it’s walking your dog around the block each morning or running at the park, any sort of movement you commit to doing each day will give you the added serotonin boost you need to adjust to your new schedule.

Get crafty and creative 

You can pull all your stress energy into making something unique. From succulent gardens to pour paintings the possibilities are seemingly endless. Try putting together a digital vision board to spark inspiration. You could also use a digital vision board to collect inspiration for your dream ring. You could even design it exactly how you want it right online. 

Rediscover cooking 

COVID-19 has created a cooking revolution. Recipes that may have seemed daunting or undoable before are now miraculously making their way into afternoon plans. Learn to cook something tasty and you will feel accomplished, full and the process can be really fun! 

These have been some of our favorites:

We hope that during these times you’ve been able to focus on the positive by finding balance, enjoying the calmness, and really taking care of yourself. As you’re heading back to work, remember that you can carry these good habits with you! Maintaining a positive attitude and implementing some of these tips should help spark and maintain your creativity as you design a self care program. 

Photography - @katelynbellphoto

Yoga Studio - @3byoga

Model - @yara_yoga

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