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Sydney's American Road Trip Collection

Silversmith// @syd.ivy


Tell us about yourself, Where are you from, how old are you, your life?

Hey!! I’m Sydney Iverson and I grew up in the Salt Lake area. I’m nineteen and attending the University of Utah. I’m majoring in criminology and hopefully dentistry as well. I hope to be part of the FBI one day as a behavioral analyst with my best friend who also loves crime. If my dream job doesn’t work out, I would love to work with kids and be a dental hygienist. I love working at the Gem Studio because I work with some of the coolest people I know. I have also loved rings for as long as I can remember and started collecting them on road trips when I was younger.

What inspired your collection?

I grew up going on road trips with my family whenever there was a break in school. My family plans a big trip each summer, and if it’s possible to drive there my parents will. My extended family also loves road trips so whenever we have the chance we go to the Oregon Coast all together.

Everywhere you have road tripped to?

Banff, Canada

Across the country all the way to New Jersey (stopped in over 20 states & Washington D.C. to sightsee)

The Oregon Coast (too many times to count)



Washington State



I’ve been to at least 30 states while road tripping with my family

What was your favorite road trip so far?

My favorite road trip was when I went all across the country and stayed in New Jersey for a whole month. We stayed in a hotel and went on day and weekend trips to different states. I loved seeing how all the states were different and how the landscape changed across the country as I was driving through it. I grew an appreciation for museums and loved stopping at them along the way. Some of my favorite memories are walking around Washington D.C and seeing a Broadway show with my sister and father.

Dream road trip location and why?

I would love to go on a road trip starting at the bottom of California and going all the way up to the top of Washington. I’d want to drive along the coast the whole time and just enjoy the weather and the beach. I hope to end up living somewhere along that drive and hopefully I do it someday soon.

What do you like most about your collection?

I love all the stones that I picked out and they just go so well together. The bright reds, blues and whites just really made the collection perfect for me. Rosarita, turquoise, and white buffalo turquoise have always been my favorite and I’m glad I could put them in one collection all together.

What was your favorite part about making your collection?

Making the bands was probably the most fun for me. I tried making bands that no one had seen before and I hope everyone loves them! I tried to leave the front of the rings as simple as I could (even though I LOVE detail) and really wanted the bands to be the main focus.

Top 5 best road trip songs?

& a little bonus for you guys…

Top road trip snacks?

  1. Dum Dums, but they have to be in the huge costco bag.

  2. If I could, I would put a coke machine in the backseat with me for me and my dad.

  3. Beef jerky, with some fancy flavoring on it.

  4. My family always stops to get some form of chicken nuggets or burgers on the way there.

  5. Sliced apples that my mom cuts into the tiniest slices and I don’t even know how it’s possible.

  6. Oh and I almost forgot, chocolate milk!!

If you could bring any 5 people alive or dead on a roadtrip who would that be?

This was probably the hardest question for me to answer, but I think I would have to pick my family and boyfriend. It’s probably the answer you weren’t looking for, maybe you were hoping for some celebrities, but I know I would have fun with them because I always do. There’s never a dull moment with them even though sometimes I want to punch my siblings after being in the car with them for fifteen hours.

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