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An Interview with Caroline Hargadon + Desange

Silversmith // @Carolinehargadon

Photographer //

Guest-Desange // @undefeated45

What's the meaning behind your collection?

This collection is focused on opening our eyes to all of the different people surround us and their experiences. We can learn so much from each other, but often we get too caught up in our own lives to realize that! I chose to work with Utah Refugee Connection because I know that refugees are SO resilient and amazing and I have learned a lot from their stories. I want others to learn from them too!! A portion of the proceeds that come from this collection will go to Utah Refugee Connection. Their goal is to create meaningful connections between refugees and the community, which is us!! We just have to know how to help. I chose the gems in this collection very specifically - they are all from countries that many of the refugees in Utah call home. Some of those countries are Uganda, the Congo, Dominican Republic, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Caroline brought in Desange to gem Studio so that we could get to know a little better what it's like to be a refugee! Desange is such a ray of sunshine and we are so happy she spent time educating us this week! Here is a link to the interview we had with her:

What's your favorite part of the silversmithing process?

My Favorite part of the silversmithing process is everything!! Haha. Honestly, my favorite

part of it is the people I'm able to meet while I am working with them. I have learned so much from everyone I have taught and they have made me a better person. My other favorite part is setting the stone and seeing the finished product! I love people's faces when they see the completed piece of jewelry that they made with their own hands. :)

What's your favorite stone and why?

My favorite stone is BY FAR Larimar. I love the story behind where it comes from and it is so beautiful. I swear it looks good no matter what kind of ring you make! If I could, I would have a Larimar ring fo revery finger haha I looooove it!

Tell us about yourself!

I grew up in Northern California but then moved to North Carolina for high school. I LOVEEEE North Carolina (despite the many jokes I get about being Caroline from North Carolina). If I had a day to do anything I wanted, I ould fly to NC, take a gem studio with me, and spend half the day hiking the mountains and the other half eating good food while making cool jewelry with all of the people I love there! I'm here in Utah right now because I'm going to school at BYU, and I looooove Utah. I love it a little more in the Summer than Winter though...

What are your passions?

Most of my passions revolve around the people in my life. I love connecting with people and finding ways to relate to them. Some of my favorite things to do are:

1. Running the Provo Canyon in the Fall.

2. Drinking boba tea as often as possible.

3. Reading books for fun and not just for school. Favorite book is The Glass Castle. Go read it!

4. Hanging out at parks when it's warm outside!

5. Studying how to be happier. I have this weird obsession with finding out how to be the happiest I can be and make others happier.

6. Working at Gem Studio. Seriously the best job in the world!

What are you studying in school? What do you want to be when you grow up?

I'm studying Social Science Teaching at BYU! Basically that means I'll teach geography, psychology, history, politics, and sociology to high school students. I LOVE IT! The Gem Studio is actually what made me realize I love teaching. I love the feeling of helping someone learn a new skill and then seeing them apply it to their life. It's the most rewarding and happy thing. When I grow up I want to be a teacher / friend / mentor / everything else good. Basically I just want to be better than I am now and help others to be better.

What is currently playing on your Spotify?

Currently playing on my Spotify:

+ everything that Maggie Rogers has released

What do you want to manifest in your life come 2020?

In 202 I want to manifest happiness and hope!! A new year brings new joys (and hardships) but I know it will be incredible.

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