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Zodiac : Aquarius

Happy February and Happy Aquarius Season!

With the cold weather sticking around and the snow continuing to fall, we are so excited for what is in store for this month. Not only is it the season of our dear Aquarians, but we are also preparing for Valentines day.

Aquarius are one of the most creative zodiac signs. They are always pushing new ideas and testing their creative boundaries. Aquarians are also deep thinkers and appreciate intellectual conversations with their friends and peers.One of the biggest turn off to an aquarius is boring, ordinary conversation. They want you to throw a little spice in there, and keep them thinking.

We chose the stone Aquamarine for Aquarius because we think its properties align perfectly with the needs of Aquarians. When they need a little help coming in touch with their emotions, Aquamarine is there to help them get in touch with those deeply DEEPLY buried emotions. Aquamarine is also the stone of clearing the mind. With all the creativity Aquarians have inside sometimes you need to clear your mind in order to get this creativity organized.

Although Aquarians are not afraid to tell their loved ones exactly what’s on their mind, sometimes being so honest can cause some tension. Aquarius would justify this as “not being fake” but for some of us, hearing the truth can hurt. When there seems to be some conflict building with Aquarians and their friends and family, Aquamarine can come in handy with its ability to cool high tempers… we all know Aquarians can have a little bit of a temper sometimes.

Our hopes for our Aqurius this season is for you all to keep up your creativity. Weather in art, music, or even your way of thinking, being creative is a gift, don't waste it. We also want to encourage you to be more in touch with your emotions.. I know what you're thinking, “ahhh what emotions” but coming from one aquarius to another, they’re in there somewhere so do some digging. Best wishes in your season and for the rest of the Age of Aquarius.

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