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Zodiac : Aquarius


Creative Assistant and Writer- @mahlee_sem23

Aquarius season is here. What better way to celebrate than a rainbow moonstone collection? We have designed a variety of gorgeous rainbow moonstone rings in an array of sizes to fit all our Aquarians and we can’t wait for y’all to snatch them up.

Aquarians are air signs who love to be original and independent. Aquarians thrive off intellectual conversation and a passion for idealistic causes. At times Aquarians can become a little temperamental and detached from their emotions, which is why we have chosen the beautiful rainbow moonstone gem for our Aquarius Collection.

Rainbow moonstone gives our Aquarians the ability to keep in touch with their emotions. As much as aquarians want to stay away from their emotions sometimes, moonstone is there to reel us back in. Aquarians have a desire to know everything and be informed. Whether they are having a conversation with friends or picking up another new hobby, among the many they already have, rainbow moonstone can help calm the very busy mind of an aquarius and keep their thoughts from wandering. Being independent is something that us aquarians pride ourselves in. We are able to manage many things at once from a very young age. We want to do everything by ourselves and never ask for help. This can become a very stressful job and is another reason moonstone is perfect for us. It has a strong stress relief property which can come in handy for not only Aquarians but all other signs.

When shooting these beautiful rainbow moonstones, we headed downtown to explore. Hanging with loved ones and friends is one thing that gives Aqurians joy, so we went for an evening stroll around downtown with our super stylish couple and just let the rings speak for themselves. As you can tell, rainbow moonstone not only matches any outfit you throw together but is also a statement piece of jewelry. Treat yourself this season and get a new piece of moonstone, if not for all its amazing properties then for how gorgeous these rings are.

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