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Zodiac : Aries


Location// Sandy Skate Park

Aries babies do we have a gift for you! We know that spring is in full swing but we couldn't help but make our Aries Collection with these stunning Black Mojave Turquoise Gems.. I mean just look at them. We know with all the courage you Aries have, pulling off these statement rings this spring will not be a struggle.

As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries always brings fresh ideas and optimism. With these new opportunities of spring, comes new hobbies as we enter the new season. Aries are very passionate people. They put their all into everything they do, weather its their job, school, or hobby, Aries are always doing the most. With passion being so important to Aries we wanted to shoot these rings with that same energy. Our model, Giselle, is passionate about her hobby of skateboarding. This was the perfect way to shoot these statement rings a fun and creative way.

Black Mojave is made of a combination of Obsidian and Copper. Both these materials have significant properties that all out Aries could need throughout their new season. Obsidian can help with blocking negativity. When being as confident and optimistic as Aries are, there are always going to be some haters out there. With some obsidian by your side, you are ready to defend yourself from any hate coming your way.

Along with Obsidian we have Copper which has the property of luck, and who couldn't use a little luck these days.

We hope all of our Aries have an amazing rest of the season, and rest of the spring. We can’t wait to see what the rest of this year holds for you, and hope you are successful in all you do. Make sure to check out these very special Aries rings before they are gone.

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