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Zodiac : Aries

Model- @brooksterr


Creative Assistant- @mahlee_sem23

The spring weather is finally here and so is Aries season. Our Aries are the first sign of the zodiac so we wanted to celebrate by having two gems in this month's collection. We chose the beautiful Citrine and Kyanite. Aries are determined, confident and a little moody, so what better place to shoot this collection, than our local record shop.

We jammed out to some vinyl and danced around Raunch Records to capture the energetic vibe Aries are always putting off. Aries also can take this energy and put it into their tasks. Aries are known to be able to take on many things at once and finish them in a timely manner and with precision. The moody vibe of this shoot is paired beautifully with the bright and soft tones of our Citrine and Kyanite gems.

Citrine is all about healing and positive energy which is perfect for our Aries. With their lust for success and wealth Citrine can help them thrive in this area because a little citrine can strengthen one’s intellect and gives our dear Aries the creative energy to be as successful as they know they are.

Kyanite is the gem of connection. This gem can help bring Aries into alignment with their personal connection and connections with others around them. Aries can get frustrated doing busy work and constantly want to be using their skills and talents. Kyanite can help them cut through self doubt and uncertainty and bring their knowledge and skills together to work in harmony.

We can not wait for you all to get your hands on these beautiful Citrine and Kyanite rings. They truly will make life easier and more harmonious for not only our Aries but everyone. Make sure to use your energy in a positive way this season and stay determined. We know this season will be a great one.

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