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Zodiac : Gemini

Pearl and Citrine: Gemini gemstones 

We couldn’t be any more excited for Gemini season. 

Pearl is one of the most unique gems we have; unlike any other gem that arises from the Earth, pearls are formed through a special process. Small grains become trapped inside a mollusk or /clam, protected from the outside waters. The grains create layers in the form of concentric circles, the more layers formed inside, the larger the pearl. Pearls represent wisdom gained through experience. Gemini is the sign of conscious wisdom, learning and growing from their experiences, just like a pearl. 

Citrine, coming from the French word, citron, means lemon.  It’s pale yellow color is a perfect example of why it is representative of Gemini’s. Symbolizing qualities like joy, abundance and positivity; it has the same energy of the Gemini people we know and love. It’s alsoThis is  the perfect gem for someone who loves the sun rays in the summer months. 

Gemini History and Traits

Gemini’s are symbolized by the twins. There are two stars within the Gemini constellation known as the two brightest within the constellation, Castor and Pollux. These two stars are  considered to be the two mythological sons of Queen Leda and the Greek god Zeus; one son was said to be mortal, while the other son was said to be immortal. The two sons were eventually placed into heaven forming the Gemini-twins star constellation. 

Gemini’s have personalities unlike any other zodiac sign, because of the twin nature of a Gemini, they can be different from one day to the next but that makes them very adaptable to anytheir situations.  They are out-spoken, outgoing, fun for others to be around and very versatile. They enjoy surrounding themselves with people who provide intellectual challenge and great communicators. They need excitement, passion and variety from those around them, and if they have that, they are more than faithful to the ones they love. 

Know a Gemini you want to show some appreciation for , or want to treat yourself? 

Also, here's a little Gemini playlist we put together for you:)

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