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Zodiac : Gemini


With tonight being a super flower blood moon and total lunar eclipse what better time to release these Gemini Moonstone Rings. These celestial events have us so excited to manifest abundance for ourselves and all of our gem fam, especially our geminis who just started their season. Muah <3

With geminis being so excited about the world around them and their passions being stimulated by life itself, it’s very easy for them to be motivated in their day to day life. They stay on top of trends like nobody's business, not to mention their ability to make trends like no one else. By releasing this collection on a super flower blood moon, we knew pairing up gemini with a very sleek collection of moonstone rings would fit this event perfectly. Geminis and Moonstones go together like two peas in a pod. Gemini's ability to draw relaxation and balance from moonstones is exactly what we all need these days.

Gemini's can sometimes run low on their drive and lust for life, as we all can, but in these times of low battery a moonstone and help you recharge your spiritual battery back to 100%. Moonstone is a perfect gift for any of your gemini friends who might need a pick me up in their life, or even just some cool bling for these fingers.

P.S: here is your reminder that tonight is the night to relax, recharge, and manifest all the things you have been wanting this year.

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