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Zodiac : Leo

Enjoying a relaxing summer of quarantine? Leo season is here to light a fire under your feet and get you motivated for the rest of summer. 

Leo, the latin word for lion, is an accurate representation for the people born during this time. Leo season is a  time that is in many places, unbearably hot; Leo’s are unphased by the heat while others are miserable. As fire signs always are, Leo’s are natural born leaders. Often Leo’s are  the first to pat themselves on the back for a job well-done, but they worked incredibly hard to get there. The intensity shown by a Leo may be off-putting, but they are passionate in every area of life, including their friendships and relationships. Loving a Leo is equally beneficial, because they will inspire you to be the best you can be. 

All of these traits are embodied in two stones, Sunstone and Tigers Eye. 

Sunstone is a gem that can be described as a  sunbeam; bright yellows, oranges and reds.  In the sunlight, sunstone shines intensely through a phenomenon called “aventurescence.” The properties of this gem are exactly what anyone needs to get out of the rut that has been quarantine. The positivity energy exuded by this stone is enough to get you back on the right path, or it may illuminate new opportunities. 

Tigers-Eye is exactly what it sounds like- The gem displays a “chatoyancy” which resembles a cats eye, when it has been polished. With brilliant parallels and shades of honey, this stone is what we call motivating. Connect with your own inner power, or draw from that of a tiger. To overcome the darkness of recent times, we cannot recommend Tigers-Eye enough. 

Leo's, Here is a playlist made just for you!

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