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Zodiac: Leo

Model - @claireannd

Photographer - @222melanielr

Leo season is here and so is the HOT HOT HOT weather. What better way to celebrate the summer sun and Leo season than a collection full of the most gorgeous orange gems. With Leo’s color being gold, yellow, and orange and your ruler being the sun, the golden orange tones of Sunstone are perfect for our Leos.

Our Leos are lovers of having fun with friends, enjoying a fun holiday, and bright colors. We

kept this in mind when planning out our Leo collection. What better place to shoot this summary, bright collection than in Hawaii. Sunstone radiates a powerful yet gentle energy, much like the rays of the sun on an early summer morning. It is widely used as a stone for leaders, as it boosts mental clarity, physical strength, personal power, and generosity. It further boosts Leo's innate benevolence, the willingness to help others in various aspects of life.

Sunstone carries within it the warm, vibrant energy of the sun and is an excellent stone for people who are particularly sensitive to negativity. It blocks out negative energy and gives the wearer the ability to look past the shadows and focus on the light. Wear Sunstone as jewelry in the form of a ring or bracelet on your dominant hand to encourage sharing your wisdom and resources with others and on your non-dominant hand for receiving exactly what you need at the moment.

We also offer a variety of sunstone gems in store. If you are looking to escape the heat, stop by our studio and create your very own, one of a kind sunstone piece.

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