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Zodiac : Libra

With the welcoming of Fall, we also welcome our fellow Libra friends into their season! It’s that time of year when the days are still warm, but not too hot, and the nights cool down to the perfect temperature. A balance that Libra’s thrive off of! Libras are all about harmony and we’ve created the perfect gem pieces to maintain that. 

Let’s be real, Libras are liked by everyone! These social butterflies value their friendships above most things and tend to be people pleasers. This can become exhausting for you Libras! Citrine is the perfect gem to keep your spirits high and happy so you can keep you and your friendships positive. On top of that, Citrine increases confidence and abundance!  With this gem you’ll be feeling your best self. 

Trying to maintain balance while juggling your passions, relationships, and avoiding conflict can be a lot to handle on your own dear Libras! Get yourself a Blue Kyanite gem to do some of the heavy lifting for you. This high vibration stone aligns all of your chakras keeping your energy balanced! Kyanite doesn’t retain any negative energy so it’s the perfect gem for our easy going Libra’s who like to keep the peace.

Make the most of your connections this season, Libras. Slip your Citrine and Kyanite pieces on and treat yourself to a walk through nature with your best friend to enjoy this beautiful season of change. We’ve made a playlist for you to bring along:)

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