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Zodiac : Pisces

Updated: Feb 18, 2022


Creative Assistant- @mahlee_sem23

It's Pisces season, and you know what that means... a brand new collection for all our Pisces friends out there. We have designed a collection of aquamarine gem rings and are so excited to share them with you.

Pisces are one of the most artistic signs in the zodiac. They love to express themselves though their creativity and artistic skills. What better way to express your emotions this season and show off your creative side then to do a pottery class. Pottery gives you the freedom to take a lump of clay and turn it into anything you want. The possiblilites are endless when it comes to pottery. You can hand build yourself a sulpture of a mushroon or even hop on the wheel and create a beautiful vase. Of course our favorite thing to create is a ring holder for all our Gem Studio bling. This is ecactly what we did at our Pisces shoot at Kreative Kiln. We were able to take a lesson in wheel thrown ceramics and create a beautiful piece of art.

Pottery isn't the only way you can get creative this season, step out of your comfort zone and try something new. New things can be frustrating but thats why we have dsigned a collection of Aquamarine gems. Aquamarine can help keep our Pisces grounded this season. With its ability to keep Pisces calm and composed it is the perfect gem for trying your hand at new things.

Aquamarine has a beautiful blue sparkle and is also the birthstone of our Pisces! This gem can help you stay connected with the universe and increase your core spirituality. This is exactly what we all need this time of year. With the weather changing and new seasons emerging things can get hectic. Always remember to take a second to breath and relax. Keeping yourself grounded is going to help you thrive this season.

We are so excited for you all to get your hands on some of these Pisces rings. Even if you are a different Zodiac sign, these gems have great enerygy for all and is one of our favorites!

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