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Zodiac : Sagittarius

Model - @emmaisel

Photographer -

Creative Assistant and Writer - @mahlee_sem23

Location - The People's Coffee

Burrr… That cold Utah weather is finally here. Time to break out our winter puffers and strap on our warmest boots. The winter season isn’t all that bad; ski season is back, Christmas lights are downtown, and we can grab our favorite piping hot latte from the local coffee shop. There are so many things to do in Utah during the winter and we are so excited to throw on our warmest winter coats and go out to do them.

One of our favorite things to do during the winter is grabbing a good book or some homework and head to your favorite coffee shop. This activity is a good way to spend some time alone and relax or catch up on some last minute assignments. With it being the season of Sagittarius we know yall would enjoy this activity as well. With your love for travel and an open mind full of enthusiasm, sometimes just staying at home to do these activities becomes very boring to you. Being able to get yourself out there into a crowded coffee shop, wherever that might be, can add a little adventure into your day. Whether you're going to read a book or simply just to people watch, getting out of the house and grabbing a hot latte is always a good idea.

We have also designed the most gorgeous collection of Turquoise rings and cuffs for our dear Sagittarians. Turquoise is not only one of the birthstones of Sagittarius but this stone holds lots of properties to help you out not only during Sag season, but really anytime. Turquoise is overall just going to make your life easier, picking up some of that weight you carry on your shoulders and letting you relax a little bit. We all get negative feelings or attitudes sometimes and turquoise has an amazing ability to absorb that energy. With our sagittarians being so extroverted and always seeking adventure, sometimes knowing what paths you should pursue can get tough. Turquoise can help you focus on worthy pursuits in life, and help guide you towards success.

We are so excited to see what amazing things come this Sag Season and can not wait for winter activities to come rolling in as the snow settles. Grab some friends and enjoy these cold, but adventurous activities, or just go grab a latte and chill. Whatever you do this season, pursue it with an open mind and full heart. We wish you the best of luck and can't wait to see all our dear Sagitarians decked out in some Turquoise.

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