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Zodiac : Taurus

Photographer and Model//

It looks like the warm weather is here to stay in Utah, and we couldn't be more excited. With all the greens and spring colors coming in around us, it couldn't feel more like Taurus Season. With each zodiac, us at Gem like to create a beautiful collection of rings with a gem of our choosing for each sign. Although it may not be the birthstone of the sign, we like to create a fun and creative pairing for each sign.

For our grounded and stable Taurus, this time of year and bring many new opportunities and adventures. With summer rolling around and our worries withering away, its always nice to take a break from these responsibilities and make time for ourselves. With some of us going through finals, and others just trying to make it to the weekend. Self care is a must these days. We have chosen to use Amethyst for our Taurus Collection for its ability to relive stress and help with relaxation. With this crystal by your bedside or even by your side as you meditate, it is sure to keep you feeling stress free this season.

We wish our Taurus good luck in all their endeavors this season and we know with all your commitment you can do anything you set your mind too. But in case you need a little help in doing so, we have design a collection of our most beautiful Amethyst Gems so you can always have a little support by your side.

Best of luck in your season, Love Gem Studio

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