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Zodiac : Taurus

Model- @pearlpatell


Creative Assistant- @mahlee_sem23

Happy Taurus season and happy spring. It's been a rainy couple of days in Utah, but you know what they say.. April showers bring May flowers. What better saying for Taurus season? Tauruses love gardening and plants. That’s one thing that's great about Taurus season being

in the spring, it is the perfect time to get started on your gardening. We wanted to celebrate this love for plants and all things nature with a collection of rings that are the perfect match for your next plant shopping journey.

These beautiful Seraphinite gem rings are the perfect way to treat yourself this season. They are a rich, mossy shade of green, which we know our Tauruses love. Not only will they match all your houseplants, but Seraphinite gems can also help out our Tauruses in a positive way this season. Seraphinite can help connect us with our spirit guides and angels. While wearing your new gem ring make sure to look for signs from your spirit guides to help you through your season. Keep an eye out for angel numbers or really anything you resonate with this

season and let it guide you to your path. Seraphinite can also help heal emotional wounds a Taurus may have. Being as patient and devoted as a Taurus is, it can come with its struggles. There is no harm in asking for help every once and a while and trying to release some of your possessive energy.

We wanted this collection to really show the spirit of a Taurus and that's why we headed to our local plant shop to shoot these pieces. Surrounded by all the greenery and plants we were able to create the perfect collection for Taurus season. We hope when you see these rings one of them calls out to you and you know it's the one!

We wish you the best of luck this season and the rest of the year.

A Taurus Playlist

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