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Zodiac : Virgo


Creative Assistant & Writer// @mahlee_sem23

Virgo season is finally among us. It has been a long time coming, but we are finally here. The weather is cooling down a little which makes this Virgo season the best time for an outdoor picnic. Which is exactly what we did for this month's shoot, alongside our beautiful mossy agate rings.

Mossy agate isn't the most obvious gem for virgos but is definity a gem all our virgos need this season. Our detail oriented and sometimes introverted virgos can take a lot from this gem. Not only is mossy agate the gem of creativity, but it also helps in attracting prosperity and abundance into our lives. With a virgos hardworking personality, these properties will make our virgos strive this season, and help bring their manifestations into reality.

Mossy agate is a gem for not only our virgos, but everyone. With its ability to refresh the soul and rejuvenate us heading into fall, we could all use a little piece of mossy agate by our side.

Mossy agate has beautiful tones of green and brown running through it. These colors inspired us to do an outdoor picnic shoot. We gathered our favorite gem siblings and headed to the park for an end of summer picnic. We even brought with us our favorite summer drinks and a little treat for our team.

We are wishing our virgos the best in their season and in seasons to come. We hope you can draw inspiration from our end of summer picnic photoshoot and that you get outside with some friends and do the same before we lose this amazing weather. Don’t forget to grab yourself a mossy agate ring that speaks to you to aid you in your virgo season endeavors.

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