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O U R  M I S S I O N

The Gemstudio believes in creating an environment for our local community to gather where they refine and reform gems, similar to how Matt refines and reforms impoverished communities. The Gemstudio humanitarian efforts uniquely helps others across the world.

For the past 5 years, Matt has been involved with humanitarian work in developing nations, worked on several entrepreneurship and micro loan projects, planned medical outreaches, and has carried out construction projects for his philanthropic efforts. With a portion of the profits made at The Gemstudio, we currently support two humanitarian projects.

When on a humanitarian trip for a volunteer organization based in Uganda in 2015, Matt felt inspired to be there and knew he needed to find a way to leave his mark on this beloved country. This dream came to fruition when Matt met a local Ugandan woman named Carolyn Bisikwa, who desired to start an orphange in her village. What started as a tin shed on top of a hill is now an orphanage home to 60 children. These children have lost their parents due to death, abandonment, neglect, or abuse. Over the past 5 years, Matt has spent, collectively, a year of his life with these children. Providing a loving and safe environment for them to grow up in, Matt has changed the course of these children's lives. Donating a portion of The Gemstudio profits to his orphanage to help fund the childrens' futures is how he expresses his love for them while he is away in America.

In Nepal, Matt has taught young girls at a shelter called Raksha (@raksha.nepal) in Kathmandu how to silversmith. These girls have been rescued from sex trafficking and domestic sexual abuse. Learning a trade gives them an opportunity to develop a potential vocation, have a creative outlet, and builds their confidence. The light these young girls radiate shine through their art, leaving each ring with a piece of their love. To support these young women, we sell their rings through The Gemstudio to help provide for them financially.

If you are interested in helping Matt's efforts in Nepal, please shop here.

To make a contribution to Matt and Carolyn's orphanage, we'd appreciate a donation below. You can also visit our efforts at

All donations to our partner non profit One Heart One Mind (501c(3)) will qualify as a tax write off.