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This ring is part of our Rylee Arnold x Gem Studio Collection!

Size - 7

*this ring can be stretched up to one full size* *rings cannot be made smaller*


About this gem:

This ring was made with a Larimar gem. It is also known as the “dolphin stone”, “Caribbean gemstone”, and “Atlantis stone”. The only known major deposits of Larimar are found in the Dominican Republic. The mine is located in a remote, mountainous location in the DR where locals still mine the stone from narrow crevices using primitive hand tools, which makes this gem incredibly rare and valuable. 

The best known Larimar metaphysical properties are it’s calming and healing powers. As well as it’s ability to aid in communication, relaxation, and soothing. It is associated with the crown, heart, third eye, and throat chakras.

Zodiac signs this gem is good for - Leo and Pisces


The best things in life are made by hand. Our process starts with raw materials and ends with a one-of-a-kind statement piece. We believe in the connection between makers and customers and there are makers' hands behind every piece. 


It's sterling, baby. Our jewelry is always made with the highest quality (.925) sterling silver. 


Silversmithing with purpose. We use a portion of all Gem Studio profits to support our Ugandan orphanage. 

silver faceted larimar ring 7

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