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Cancer Season


Creative Assistant- @mahlee_sem23

Cancer Season

How is it Cancer Season already? We have no idea. The summer has been flying by this year, but we are so happy to be in cancer season. Cancer season is all about forming deep meaningful connections with your friends, loved ones, and even new relationships coming into your life this season.

Cancer season falls perfectly in time with the hot weather in Utah. This is perfect for our cancers because they LOVE being by the water. Whether that’s hanging in the pool with friends, taking a day trip to the reservoir, or just chilling next to the pond, cancers love to be outside near the water. This was our inspiration behind our cancer shoot. We asked our gem studio bestie squad to have a little pond side picnic and enjoy the outdoors. We played games, had some drinks and snacks, and just enjoyed each other's company.

Another fun fact about cancers is that their ruling planet is the moon and like the moon their moods can change and shift. This is why we picked moonstone as the gem this month.

Moonstones can help cancers channel their natural intuition and help keep their mood swings in line. This gem also helps cancers nourish their relationships. Building strong and meaningful connections is what cancer season is all about, and sometimes we need a little help in doing so, which is why moonstone is such a perfect gem this season.

Moonstone is also great in aiding cancers in channeling a sense of peace when they get too caught up in taking care of others. Cancers are such busy bodies and love giving friends and family a helping hand. Sometimes it can be beneficial for them to take a break from others and just focus on themselves.

We hope you all get out there this season and enjoy the beautiful Utah weather. And if it gets a little too hot for you, you can always take a quick dip in the pool with some friends. Best of luck this season.

A Cancer Season Playlist

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