DIY Project // Candle Making

Our team here at Gem Studio LOVES DIY projects. We believe that putting our own ideas and creativity into our projects makes them so much more meaningful, no matter what that creation is! Our team decided to test this theory and DIY our own candles, and we loved the process SO much we wanted to share it with our blog! Follow the process below to find out how to make your own unique candle along with us.

P.S. You can expect many more of these kinds of fun blog posts to come your way this year!

Materials Needed:

1. A cute jar or two!

2. Candle wax, clear or solid. We'll be trying clear next time so you can better see the florals!

3. Scented Oils

4. Anything you'd like to mix in your jar with your wax! We used gems, dried flowers, and some fresh leaves from a bouquet we got at Harmon's, but you can get creative! (examples: orange rinds, cinnamon sticks, sea shells, really whatever!)

5. Candle color dye (If you'd like to change it from white wax)

6. Candle wicks

7. A stove top + a way to steam the wax pot

Ok, now you've got your materials. Let's get started!