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DIY Vision Board 2020

We are just going to say it- we LOVE vision boards. Not only do they act as a great stress-relieving activity during this social distancing season, but they also help us visualize our goals for the remainder of the year. And, we are having so much fun with it!

But, what is the purpose of a vision boards, actually? Vision boards are one of the best ways to remind yourself of the life you wish to manifest in 2020 (despite all the chaos). This could be anything from goals, to quotes, to people you wish you could be like. Creating a vision board is the perfect way to narrow down and focus on the important things.

Want to start a business? Put your plan on your vision board. Want to redecorate your home? Add your furniture inspo to your vision board. It could also be something as simple as quotes that inspire you. The world is your oyster when it comes to your goals and hopes for the year to come. All you need to do is find images that represent these ideas.

One popular way to create a vision board is to start with a blank canvas or bulletin board and create a collage out of the images that you feel represent your goals. Here at the Gem Studio, we love using pictures of our favorite stones and quotes that spark creativity. Once you have your images placed how you want them on the board, hang it in a place that you are in often. There is no better way to be reminded of the goals on your vision board than by having it in a place that you visit frequently!

This isn’t the only way to create a vision board, it is also super easy (and more fun in our opinion) to create one digitally! Lucky for you, we put together some digital vision boards of our own and will share with you the best tips, tricks, and apps to use to create your collage! First, take a look at our vision boards. Then scroll down to get started on your own:)

Hope you feel inspired after taking a look at our vision boards for the year! Now time to get working on yours!

Apps you'll need to make your collage on:


Apps you'll want to use that we use to create ours:

-Lightroom - Download our presets for a cohesive look among your photos!

-Adobe Photoshop - To cut out your own images

-Pinterest - To find inspiring photos, quotes, textures, and photos to add!

-Unfold & StoryLuxe - For fun templates like the film strips

-Mextures - Where we use light leaks and dust to change the vibe of a photo

-ColorStory - Where we use bokeh and confetti for photos

Steps to make your own vision board phone wallpaper:

1. Open Canva and choose "Instagram Story" as your format. It's the same size as an iphone background.

2. We love to choose a texture background to add depth!

3. You can search "cutout_(flowers for example)_____" in Canva's images to add real life collage-like photos to your pieces! OR you can cut out your own images on the Photoshop App! See a little tutorial on how we do it:

4. Search Canva's elements! So many fun doodles and sketches. Move things around, play around with Canva. You'll find a lot of fun ways to make your collage your own!

5. Upload your own photos!

6. Post them to your Instagram story and tag us! We'd LOVE to see what you create and repost it!

Also, if you're confused about any of the apps, shoot us an Instagram DM and we'll help you out! We're all about coming together and spending our time creatively during this crazy time:)

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