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DIY Self Love Photoshoot

Silversmith// @meganraffety


Location// Believe it or not.... The Gem Studio

As spring rolls around, and our seasonal depression comes to a close we want to make sure we are taking care of ourselves going into the new season.

Sometimes we need a reminder of just how beautiful we are on the inside and out. At Gem we decided to do a DIY Self Love Photoshoot. We gathered some cheap/afforadable props and had a little shoot to remind us just how important self love is.

We started by getting a backdrop stand and white sheet off of amazon. We then headed over to our local Trader Joe's store to get some white roses to set the vibe. Lastly, we gathered some props from around the studio like our mirror and Polaroid camera.

Here is how our shoot turned out:

We also put together a list of Self Love activities for y'all:

1: Spa Day at The Centered Stone

This is located in Spainish Fork and has the most relaxing The Himalayan Salt Cave you could spend a whole day in.

2: Treat yourself to some ice cream

Head to your favorite ice cream/dessert place and treat yourself

3: Mini shopping spree

4: Get yourself some Trader Joe's flowers

Trader Joe's has the most affordable and cute floral bouquets

5: Spring picnic with your friends

6: Take a bubble bath

7: Go for a spring walk around Liberty Park

Links to all our photoshoot gear/ props

White Roses - Trader Joe's

Models Sweatsuit - Free People

A Little Self Love Video

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