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Earth Day 2020

Y’all, it is the holiday of the year! We love Earth Day so much that we decided to drop a whole collection inspired by Mother Nature herself. 

Want to know how you can celebrate Earth Day during quarantine? A stay-at-home

Earth Day lets us appreciate the part of Earth we are at. Take some time to slow down and discover nature all around your house! Find something that will lift your spirits, spark creativity, and help you get closer to your environment. 

Normally, Earth Day is a great opportunity to get outside and appreciate nature, but this year it’s more of a day to support environmental protection efforts. Earth day is deemed as one of the most widespread holidays celebrated every year, and this year is the 50th anniversary, so let’s make it good! We invite you to join us in making an effort to do something sustainable today, whether it be recycling more than normal, making something new out of something old, or even making a greater effort to reduce your household’s energy use. You never know what little actions will turn into great habits in the future. And who isn't all about manifesting sustainable habits into our lifestyle? 

Here at Gem Studio, we wanted to bring a little piece of nature to you this Earth day. We have created pieces with some of our favorite Earth inspired stones, which you can read all about below. Get creative and customize your own Earth-inspired ring. This year we are planting a tree for every ring sold, so each purchase makes a difference

Mossy Agate

Deep green in color, accompanied with a mossy texture, this stone has us longing for the outdoors. You'll have others green with envy at the sight of any Mossy Agate piece. 

Picture Jasper

The beige sandy qualities of this stone take us straight to the desert. This stone is known around the globe for its deep connection to the Earth, making it one of our favorite Earth day picks. 

Wild Horse Agate

Composed of multiple earthy browns arranged in a marbled pattern, this stone has us dreaming of the mountains. Don’t be fooled by the name, this stone will have you feeling more tranquil than crazy. 

Bumblebee Jasper

This stone is flooded with vibrant yellows and deep blacks that will make you think of  fields of flowers in the summertime. A vibrant stone like this one deserves to be worn by the most vibrant of people. 


Some might say that wearing Chrysocolla is like having the world at your fingertips. This blue and green stone is a spitting image of what most invision Earth’s deep blue oceans and green land to look like. 

To shop our Earth Day inspired rings that are already made, click here:)

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