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Emily's Western Way Collection

Silversmith & Model - @em.argyle
Photographer -
Creative Assistant - @mahlee_sem23

What inspired this collection?

The Western Way collection was inspired by my love for horses & western style of jewelry. I grew up around horses & have always been drawn to the simplistic lifestyle of ranching & taking care of livestock.

Tell us about yourself! What do you do outside of Gem Studio?

I try to fill my time with creativity & self improvement. I’m currently working on getting my real estate license & perfecting my silversmithing skills. I do my best to find spare time & escape to the barn to ride horses & spend time in nature!

What are you most passionate about?

Something that I am super passionate about is bringing others joy! Working at the Gem Studio helped me find one of my passions! There is no better feeling than helping someone create their vision & bring it to life!!

What is currently playing on your Spotify?

My Spotify is full of various genres & artists. Depending on my mood, I listen to country, indie, or alternative music. I consider myself a music junkie because I’m always searching for new songs & constantly have something playing!

Tell us about your amazing outfits you wore for the shoot

My outfits for the shoot came purely from my grandma’s closet. It wasn’t hard to find something to wear to fit the vibe of the Western Way because that’s all my grandma used to wear!! Custom hyde pants to custom jackets were some of her very favorite things!!

What do you want to manifest in your life over the next year?

For the next year I am manifesting for myself to be successful in my Real Estate career & joy as I continue to create art & jewelry!!

What is your favorite gem, and why?

My favorite gem is Buffalo Turquoise!! It’s my favorite because of the meaning & the black & white color. The buffalo turquoise attracts happiness & good luck!

What is your favorite part of the silversmithing process?

My favorite part of the silversmithing process is burnishing!! It’s my favorite because it’s the very last step of creating a ring so you get to finally see its beauty! I also love it because it’s so satisfying seeing the bezel get pushed around the stone to hold it in place!

When did you start riding horses and what's your favorite thing about it?

I’ve been riding horses since before I can even remember. Some of my earliest childhood memories are in the saddle. My favorite thing about riding horses is the way my mind forgets everything around me other than the horse & me. There are few better feelings than the freedom you feel on a horse's back.

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