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Zodiac : Leo

Model// @meganraffety


Creative Assistant & Writer// @mahlee_sem23

Leos! It’s finally your season, and we couldn’t be more excited. With the sun out and the warm breeze in the air, we couldn’t think of a better gem for yall other than Citrine. With your color being gold and yellow and your ruler being the sun, the golden honey tones of citrine are a perfect match.

Being the king of the zodiac comes with a lot of pressure. Everyone looks up to you to be a leader and to be successful. Lucky for you, Leos are natural born leaders and love to be the life of the party, so all this attention is just what they need. Leos thrive off of affection from friends and to succeed in their passions. Work, school, and hobbies are very important to Leos because they are passionate about all they do. They love to succeed and they usually do, due to their hard work and determination.

Being that creative and successful can lead Leos to be a little arrogant sometimes, which can lead to frustration from friends and family. Cleansing your Chakras and opening your mind to new ideas can help avoid this confrontation. Citrine does a great job of cleansing your chakras and opening your intuition. It can also help enhance your warmth and generosity, and who doesn't need that from time to time. Citrine brings our Leos all the positivity, energy, and joy they need to succeed in their passions.

With more warm sunny days ahead, many successes, and many failures, Citrine is all you need in your life to help have the best Leo season yet. We hope our Leo babies have an amazing season and that all these cutie citrine rings find their forever home!

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