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Your Guide to Hosting Friendsmas

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Writer and Creative Assistant- @mahlee_sem23


Whether you can’t make it home for the holidays or you prefer to spend Christmas surrounded by friends, planning Friendsmas can be stressful, but we’re here to help you make the perfect party plans. We just hosted our annual Gemsgivingmas party where we celebrate thanksgiving and Christmas together and play games, have dinner, and win prizes. We included some tips we learned form our party planning and some photos to inspire you're next party.

Let's get things set up…

Starting off with a guest list. It’s always best to keep invites and RSVPs in the same place. Whether you send those through text, email, or your preferred messaging app, keep things consistent. Make sure to send out invitations well in advance to make sure guests have enough time to plan ahead. Making quests RSVP is a life saver when it comes to planning food, games, and all party details. Having RSVPs due 5 days in advance will give you and the guests a good window to figure out your schedules.

Getting an idea of what food you're serving is also something you’ll want to prepare in advance. Start looking through Pinterest for recipes.. like right now. Even if it’s just a simple charcuterie board, take the time to plan out everything you’ll need so that you aren’t stressing last minute.

What can we get done early…

One task that might seem simple but sometimes ends up taking up the most time is decorations. Decorating for the holidays is an essential part of making a Christmas party feel like Christmas. If you are just setting up some simple garlands or going all out, getting this done a day or two in advance (if possible) will save you worlds of stress the day of the party.

Sending out reminders to guests a day before is the perfect amount of time for them to be reminded but not forget over the next day. If you are planning a potluck or secret Santa, make sure to add these to the reminder in case they forgot. Also with reminding them to bring a serving utensil for the dish they are bringing. Lastly, include any parking instructions, addresses, and any other information the guests will need to get to the party.

The morning of…

Get up early and put together a to-do list. Break down each task you need to complete and when you want to have it done by. This will keep you on track with your tasks and keep you from leaving anything till last minute. Get those flower arrangements or balloons picked up. Along with any other groceries you may need for the meal that night. Setting the table is something that can get done anytime during the day, but the sooner you get it done the less you have to worry.

Hours before…

Get that charcuterie board put together or throw your main course in the oven so it’s ready for dinner time. Keep your phone ringer on in case anyone has troubles finding the location or any other questions. Lastly, give yourself the correct amount of time to get ready. Set aside some time for you to jam out to music and get yourself looking good.

When guests start arriving…

Get the music playing and the candles lit. Music sets the vibe of any party so make sure you are getting a good vibe going from the beginning. Greet and introduce guests who might not know each other. Show guests around, where they can find the bathroom, drinks, or snacks. Show them where they can set down gifts or potluck items or even where to set down a jacket.

Now that the party is going…

Don’t stress if one little thing goes wrong. Sometimes the best memories are made from these mistakes. Enjoy yourself and your company. Have some food and play some games.

When the party's over…

Make sure everyone gets their jackets and containers they may have brought food in. Put leftovers in plastic bags or put plastic wrap over them for your guests. Make sure everyone is able to drive and order them an Uber if not. Having an accident leaving the party is the last thing we want. Blow out all the candles and do some cleaning up. And if you want to save all the cleaning for the morning and hit the hay… we don’t blame you.

And that’s it! You just planned and executed the friendsmas of the year and your friends are going to be raving about how fun the night was all year. Good luck in your party planning and have a happy holidays!

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