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Zodiac : Libra

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Creative Assistant - @mahlee_sem23

It’s finally finally cooling down in Utah and we couldn’t be more excited for fall. We are kicking off fall with this amazing Libra collection. Libra season is from September 23rd-October 22nd, not only is it the peak of fall but it's also during the autumn equinox. The days and nights are perfectly in sync and the harvest is beginning. We also get our favorite fall items like pumpkin spice lattes, flannels, doc martens, and of course the Utah State Fair.

With the weather in the low 80s we were able to hit the fair for the cutest Libra photoshoot, showcasing all the beautiful sparkles of our Opals. We designed 5 gorgeous opal rings for this libra collection and we are so excited for them to find their new homes. Every Libra could use a little opal ring by their side this season. Not only will these rings put the finishing touches on any fall outfit, but the energy Opals give us is so amazing!

Opal is the birthstone for our dear Libras. Along with it being the stone of great love, it connects with the power of Venus which is Libra’s ruling planet. If you are struggling to find balance in life, opals can lend you a helping hand. They also exude a very positive energy and bring to life all characteristics of improvement. Wearing Opal is going to help our Libras explore their deepest feelings this season and bring balance into your daily routine and life.

The gems we used in this collection were the most stunning Opals we have had at the studio in a while and you know we couldn’t pass up making a beautiful Opal collection just in time for Libra season. Not only can you buy one of the rings we’ve made, but we also have Opals available for custom orders so if you're not a ring girl, go ahead and custom make yourself a pendant or opal earrings. Or all of the above, because who can have too much opal jewelry?

We wish you the best of luck in Libra season and a happy happy fall!

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