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Zodiac : Scorpio

Model - @abbby.00

Photographer -

Creative Assistant - @mahlee_sem23

What better way to send off fall than with a Scorpio collection?! With this weekend being Halloween we wanted to squeeze in one more fall photoshoot before the beautiful fall leaves are gone and the snow starts to set in. We ran to our favorite place on earth, Trader Joe’s, grabbed ourselves a pumpkin and headed for some fall leaves at Liberty Park.

This scorpio season we chose the gem Rutilated Quartz, not only because it's beautiful soft yellow coloring is just what we need this fall season, but also because of all its amazing properties it holds for our Scorpios. A rutilated quartz crystal contains quartz combined with titanium oxide inclusions. This makes it such a powerful gem for healing and clearing away all the negative energies we are carry..

Rutilated Quartz has amazing qualities for a Scorpio moon. With its ability to connect you with your higher consciousness and bring out all the best qualities this is exactly what our Scorpios need. Rutilated Quartz can help our scorpios sense when something or SOMEONE is trying to sneak in and disrupt their balance. With balance and commitment being so important to our Scorpios we could all use some rutilated quartz this season.

We wish you all the best of luck in your scorpio season and hope you all enjoy the rest of your fall. We encourage you to get outside as much as possible before the snow comes!

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