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Spring Playlist //

This amazing weather lately in Utah has got us itching for Spring time!! The inbetween season can be hard, we feel you. So close to wearing shorts and living outside, yet so far. No need to stress though, our playlist is filled with songs to get you through the end of the winter funk! It will either inspire your creativity and motivate you to get started on new projects or have you wanting to hit the road for a trip! It makes us feel like driving with the windows down, enjoying the sun on our faces, and of course singing along. We created a playlist to do just that and we’re sharing it with you so you can join us!

Find all of the songs we picked this spring below:

We hope you love our spring playlist, and we encourage you to make a spring playlist of your own! Get out there, turn on your favorite spring playlist, and do great things. We are so excited to see what you all achieve this spring! :)

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