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Zodiac : Aries

Here at Gem Studio, we are obsessed with the zodiac signs. Leo, Cancer, Virgo, you name it. But right now we are all about Aries—which is the ruling sign from March 21-April 20. If you are interested in knowing everything about Aries, keep reading, because we are about to dish it all out. Plus, we've made an Aries Spotify playlist just for you!

Bloodstone: An Aries Gem

Our favorite thing about the Aries zodiac is its stone! Bloodstone is a unique stone that has us feeling inspired to take the lead on some new creative pieces. This stone is green in color and is dotted with heliotrope that can give the impression of blood. You can find Bloodstone in mines across the world, but it is primarily found in India. You can also find Bloodstone in our Gem Studio Bloodstone Collection!

Aries History and Traits

Aries is symbolized by the ram, which has ties to ancient agriculture and the Egyptian Sun God, Amon-Ra. This particular Egyptian god was known for rebirth and jumpstarting the spring season. This is fitting, as Aries rules during the beginning of the spring period.

Not only does Aries represent the rebirth of the year and season, but an Aries also loves the rebirth of every new day. New opportunities are one of Aries’ favorite things. This is a fitting trait to possess in our current situation, as Aries have the ability to take on the world one day at a time and see it as a new opportunity! Leaving the rest of us are pretty jealous of this amazing personality trait!

The main trait that an Aries possesses is a leader personality. Those born during the Aries time period love to lead others, whether it be in something as simple as a creative project or something as complex as guiding others through life itself. Aries are usually confident and motivated in regards to all of their endeavors and demonstrate it while leading the pack. This deeply-rooted personality of a leader can make an Aries super competitive, but we love them anyway.

Aries are often honest people. Most are straight to the point with their words, and they love to say things how they are. You won’t find any unnecessary sugarcoating in the words of an Aries, and honestly, we are here for it.

If you are an Aries, you know an Aries, or you just loooove the stone, shop our inspired by Aries Bloodstone pieces!

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