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Courtney Hill's Valentine's Collection


Clothing shop @thebabypinkshop

Photoshoot Location @studionoirenoir

Flowers @foxgloveutah

Give us a little intro! Who are you, what do you do, what are you about?

HIIII! My name is Courtney, and I was born and raised in Utah! Right now I am a nanny part time in addition to running my clothing shop Baby Pink! I’m almost 24 and have been nannying since I was 18. I was born with such strong maternal instincts. I love kids and can not wait to be a mama! I’ve been baby hungry since I was about 8 years old haha, so as soon as I was done with highschool I decided I’d take care of other people’s babies until I got to take care of my own :)

Something I’m really big on is mental health, therapy, and all things self discovery/growth. One thing that plays into this that is a big part of my life is journaling! I’m an avid journaler and have been for almost 8 years now. One of my favorite things to do is to take my journal up the canyon or to a park and just write anything and everything that I need to get out. Writing in my journal is such a therapeutic thing for me, as well is going and reading through old journals! I think it’d be dope to turn old journal entries into a book someday.

Ever since I was young I’ve always been a pretty busy person. It’s taken a lot of work to learn how to just slow down and relax, but with time and practice I’ve become pretty good at gauging when I need some “chill” time. On these days I like to lay in bed, eat sour candy, take naps, and cuddle with my kitty cat, Fancy.

What does a normal day look like for you?

I typically Nanny from 9-12, and then the rest of the afternoon is mine to get everything else from my to-do list done! That often looks like random errands, packaging orders, getting instagram content, going to the gym, responding to DM’s, emails & texts, etc. I never seem to feel like I have enough hours in the day, so lately I’ve been focusing on choosing at least 3 priorities from my to-do list to complete, and that has made a big difference in my stress levels!

I usually end each night over at my boyfriend's place cuddling with him and Fancy and enjoying a glass of wine.

What is the inspiration behind your collection?

Valentine's day is one of my most favorite holiday’s. Partly because I love the color pink and stores are so cute during Valentine's with all the pink, red, purple, and everything covered in hearts. Probably also because I love candy. But Valentines Day means a lot more to me than just cute colors & decor and sweettart hearts. I’ve always loved Valentines, even when I’ve been single as could be or newly broken hearted. I don’t look at Valentines day primarily as a day for significant others like most people do, to me it’s about celebrating anyone and everyone you love!! It’s always been fun for me to write my friends and parents love notes and to let people know that I care for them and what they mean to me. So I guess the inspiration would be cherishing every special person in your life and celebrating all the different types of love you experience - not just romantic love!

What is your favorite gem and why?

I’ve been a long time lover of turquoise! My grandpa had some really cool turquoise cuffs, belt buckles, and rings, so I’ve admired it for a long time!!

Tell us about Baby Pink! Have you always wanted a clothing shop? Describe your aesthetic.

It’s been funny to look back this last year and realize that I really always have wanted to own a clothing shop! I remember in 5th or 6th grade my friend Kate and I would talk about how she wanted to own a hair salon someday and how I wanted to own a clothing shop someday. We even talked about me having a storefront in the front of her salon. I think over the years this dream of mine was lost and forgotten just because it seemed so unattainable. This same friend Kate does have her own salon now, and the two of us are roommates! It’d still be cool to combine Baby Pink & her salon someday even if it’s just for our 10 year old selves!

Like I mentioned, the dream was totally overlooked for many years, but it found its way back! Through support and friends who believed in me nudging me, I made it happen!!

The aesthetic is very girly, eccentric, bold, and FUN! I think because my aesthetic and style is so “loud” and maybe even a little wild, this also helped me gain the courage to go for it! I’ve always had a different style. I look back at pictures of me in 7th grade wearing blue polka dot tights and a white floral dress and I giggle because it was so me. I’ve always been a fan of mixing colors and patterns and picking out things that a lot of other people wouldn’t dare wear. Because of this I’ve often been complimented on my unique wardrobe and had people jokingly tell me they wish I could shop for them.

How do you manage to juggle work and your business?! Are you looking for an assistant still?

It’s been a learning process for sure!! I for sure don’t have it all figured out, but through trial and error I’ve kind of realized no one has it entirely figured out. We’re all just kind of winging it! I’ve gotten better and juggling and managing it all, and I know with time as Baby Pink grows I’ll continue learning new better and more efficient ways to do things! I am still looking for an assistant!! I just recently put out an application for a social media intern, and am in the process of going through those! Once I get that all solidified I’ll work on finding someone to help me with orders, errands, emails, and DM’s!

Is there something new in the works our followers can look forward to seeing come from Baby Pink this year?

MERCH! We have some really cute & fun plans of different sweat sets that I’m so excited to bring to life! I’m also excited to see what our social media intern can help me bring to the table. I have had so many different thoughts and ideas, but It’s been hard for me to figure out exactly how to go about them especially when I have so much else on my mind/plate. I’m very hopeful about the way things will grow and what I’ll be able to do once I have more help!!

How did you get started with social media? Do you feel pressure to create content frequently? How do you balance your social media time with enjoying the present moment?

My social media kind of came out of nowhere!! I for sure wasn’t intentionally trying to grow a following, It just sort of happened! I think this is because of my high energy and carefree nature - it attracted people! I’ve never had a “feed aesthetic” or felt like I could only post “instagram worthy” content. I’ll post whatever it is I want! Whether that’s good insight on an important topic, a cute fit pic, or a video of me dancing first thing in the morning before even brushing my hair. I keep it real and I think that’s why I have such a genuine base of followers. People love the real!

You used to travel so much before covid! Where is the first place you’ll go once travel is open again and who are you taking?

I for sure want to go somewhere with Jonas first! I think the UK is on the bucket list. We want to go to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and all those places to go to pubs and castles and for him to do some mountain biking. I think we’d also love going to New Zealand together. At some juncture I need to get to Australia too! My grandma (who was born in the 1920’s) grew up in Australia. She moved to the US by boat with all her belongings inside one suitcase when she was 20. I’d love to go see her hometown.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’m a big daydreamer and seem to always have tentative future plans even though I don’t hold any real expectations for them. I’ll be 28 in 5 years. I see myself married and probably with a baby or pregnant. I imagine Baby Pink will be a whole company with full time employees and a warehouse. I think I’ll have a lot of the work for Baby Pink hired out so I can spend a lot of my time being a mom. Maybe by then I’ll have a book or a course ready to publish! I mentioned before how maybe I’d turn my journals into a book someday (i’d love to write a memoir and incorporate those!) but I’d also love to create a course on body image, self esteem, intuitive eating, and eating disorder recovery at some point in my life! I have a lot of fun ideas of where my future may take me, and I’m excited to see which ideas become a reality, and which ideas turn into something different/better than what I can imagine right now!

Send us your current playlist!

I made a “best of taylor swift” playlist with all my favorite songs by her, that’s been a go-to as of late!!

Aside from listening to that most often right now, I’ll also link the most recent playlist that I made last fall :)

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